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WELCOME TO Reflections Church

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Pastor Tonita and I are extremely happy and excited that you have decided to visit our website and learn more about our exciting ministry in this great city of Charlotte, North Carolina. We believe that God has great plans for you and we want to help you learn about the abundant life God has promised you in His Word. Come visit us at Reflections Church and experience the teaching ministry of Pastor Tonita and I.

 Johnny & Tonita Poole 

 Pastors Johnny and Tonita Poole 


Encourage a life of personal intimacy with Jesus Christ, a relationship that strengthens the individual for the effectual work outside the boundaries of the church walls.


Influence people in finding the purpose worth living. We believe people are made to participate with God in changing the world and impacting it throughout eternity. We believe that people are made to be in a personal relationship with the God who created them, through the person of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Demonstrate God's glory in our community by sharing His grace and love with genuine relationships that result in life change for us and others.